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Veterinary Pet Surgery

Surgical procedures for pets can sometimes be a major concern for their owners. Here at TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Paw Creek, we understand this concern and want to work with you to make sure that you feel comfortable and informed about the safety and health of your pet. We will communicate with you every step of the way, before, during, and after the surgery.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

The Spay/Neuter procedure poses numerous health benefits for your pet and is something that we recommend for all the patients we see. Spaying is the removal of the ovaries from female pets, and Neutering is the removal of the testes from male pets.

Our team of trained technicians and experienced doctors at TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Paw Creek follow a strict code of conduct when completing such procedures, and do extensive background work to ensure that your pet is as comfortable and safe as possible before, during, and after the procedure. All pets are placed under general anesthesia during the procedure.

Below are the protocols that we adhere to:

  • Pre-surgery Blood Panel
  • Administer the proper dose of anesthesia
  • IV Fluids
  • Advanced technician and equipment monitoring
  • Pain management
  • Recovery and therapy 

In cases where the pet is seven years of age and older, we may not recommend the spay and neuter procedure due to the maturity of their reproductive organs. With that note, we find the best time to have this procedure done is when your pet is around six months to a year old.

Why Should I Have My Pet Spayed/ Neutered?

The Spay/Neuter procedure benefits your pet, you, and the pet community as a whole.

  • For pets, the spay/neuter procedure offers a decreased risk of certain forms of cancer, a longer lifespan, and an overall greater quality of life.
  • For pet owners, no more worrying about unwanted litters, and your pet will be less aggressive and more friendly.
  • For the pet community, by not allowing your pet to reproduce,  space in animal shelters are freed up so that more pets can be adopted. 

Health and Behavioral Benefits of the Spay/Neuter Procedure

The biggest health benefits for pets includes improved behavioral habits and the prevention of life-threatening illnesses. Ultimately, this will lead to overall better quality of health, and longer-lasting life for your pet.  

Benefits for Male Pets:

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Prevents prostate disease and testicular cancer
  • Better behavior, less bitting, less aggression

Benefits for Female Pets:

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • No more heat cycles
  • Prevents unwanted behaviors like aggression and the urge to roam
  • Prevents certain mammary infections and cancers

General & Advanced Surgery

Before Surgery

We will schedule a visit with you before the surgical procedure to discuss the nature of the surgery, potential options, cost, and answer any questions that you may have. As an owner, it's important to stay informed and up to date with your pet’s health status, which is why we are here for anything you may need. Be sure to come prepared with any concerns or questions.

During Surgery

One of our trained technicians will be closely monitoring your pet’s vitals to ensure that the procedure is running smoothly. This staff member will actively ensure that your pet will experience minimal discomfort after the surgery and can discuss recovery methods with you.

After Surgery

Directly after the surgery we continue to monitor your pet’s vitals until we feel they are safe to be picked up and taken home. Once home, it is important to follow the necessary recovery protocol. The process of recovery and healing is equally important to the physical surgery itself. We will discuss the necessary recovery protocols with you before the surgery, and will check in after the surgery as well. 

Soft Tissue Surgery - is any form of surgery that does not work on bones or joints. This includes cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urogenital procedures. 

Orthopedic Surgery - includes several different types of bone, joint, and ligament surgeries for pets. Whenever a dog or cat has a broken bone or trauma that is not soft tissue related, it is usually treated with Orthopedic Surgery. 

Surgical Oncology - is a form of treatment for pets with cancer. This procedure involves the surgical removal of the cancerous mass to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the body. We are pleased to share that our peer, Dr. Mark Epstein at TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook, is experienced in the treatment of many common types of cancer including lymphoma, mast cell tumor, and osteosarcoma.

Mass Removal - If your pet appears to have abnormal bumps of their body, our medical staff will test to see if the mass is a cyst, hernia, or cancerous or benign tumor. Depending on the outcome we may recommend that the mass be removed. Regardless, we will continually monitor that area in case it becomes cancerous. 

Gastrointestinal Procedures - are typically recommended for pets who experience gastrointestinal issues. Common signs that your pet is having such issues include bloating, diarrhea and weight loss. 

Splenectomy Surgery - is the surgical removal of a pet’s spleen. This procedure is only recommended in the unlikely scenario in which all other treatments have not been effective. Also for the splenectomy, we use a ForceTriad™ Energy Platform, an advanced and full-featured electrosurgical system that greatly improves cauterization, which is a method of stopping bleeding.

Foreign Body Removal - is a procedure for pets that have ingested a foreign object that needs to be removed. This is typically more common for dogs than cats. 

Laparoscopic Surgery - a procedure whereby a tube with a small camera at the end is inserted through the abdominal wall for viewing during a surgical procedure.

Laparoscopic Gastropexy Surgery - is similar to regular laparoscopy but instead much smaller incisions are made and it is minimally invasive.

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