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What is the TotalBond way?

Throughout every stage of your pet’s life, we will provide the absolute highest level of care and compassion. Our TotalBond family understands that the strongest relationships, with both pets and people, are built on trust. We are passionate about creating and growing great relationships with every pet and “petparent” we serve.


Inspired by YOU

We are committed to giving you and your pet a world class experience. There are a few ways we do that.





Excellence is The Standard

The TotalBond Services

  • When you join, you get access to comprehensive medical coverage for an easy and reasonable monthly payment!

    Total Wellcare Club
  • The future is here. Your pet now has access to this revolutionary technique. It’s safer, more precise, and speeds recovery.

    Laser Surgery
  • This treatment works on the cellular level, and can be used for a wide range of medical needs. Because your pet deserves the cutting edge in medical care.

    Laser Therapy
  • Boarding

    Need a place to board your pet? We believe you deserve the best. Our boarding facility means your pet will be safe and happy, and you won’t have to worry while you’re gone!

  • Agility Training

    Agility training is incredibly valuable for working dogs, and can provide important health and behavioral benefits for almost any dog. Our trainers can help your dog reach your goals!

  • And More!