At the beginning of the year, you may have resolved to eat better, exercise more, and devote more time to restful sleep than to scrolling through Facebook. Although your resolutions may have already fallen apart a mere month into 2020, strengthen your resolve for your pet’s health this year, and every year in the future. Follow these eight tips to help ensure your furry pal lives life to the fullest this year.

#1: Set a reminder for your pet’s heartworm, flea, and tick preventives

Almost everyone has a calendar app on their phone that they fill with important dates, appointments, and reminders. To remember your pet’s heartworm, flea, and tick prevention medication, create a reminder for these products, also. Since the Charlotte region does not drop below freezing temperatures for any great length of time, we recommend administering year-round preventives to your pet to ensure she’s protected. Ensure you check how frequently the preventives should be administered, which may be monthly, or every three months. 

#2: Resolve to feed your pet healthier treats

You may have resolved to cut junk food from your diet in 2020. Make the same commitment to your furry pal. Swap out commercial treats, which often are highly processed and loaded with fat, sugar, and calories, and can wreak havoc on your pet’s health, for healthy alternatives, such as fresh veggies, fruits, and lean pieces of meat. You may be surprised how much your four-legged friend loves broccoli or watermelon.

#3: Devote more time to exercising with your pet

After a long day at work, the last thing you may feel like doing is lacing up your running shoes and taking your pooch for a walk. But, without daily physical activity, your pet may develop obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and problem behaviors. No matter how busy or tired you feel, you should sneak in at least 30 minutes of dedicated exercise for your furry pal each day. 

#4: Learn how to trim your pet’s nails without a struggle

Nail trims are one of the most stressful care-taking activities we perform on our pets, who usually hate having their feet touched. But, armed with plenty of tasty treats, you can change your pet’s mindset and counter-condition her to nail trims.  

#5: Maintain a healthy weight for your pet

With more than half of America’s pet population classified as overweight or obese, it’s clearly no easy feat to maintain a healthy weight. Calculate your pet’s daily calorie requirements, and divide that amount into meals. Remember—treats should make up only 10% of your pet’s daily calories. If you are unsure how many calories your pet needs per day, call us.  

#6: Start your pet’s at-home dental-care routine

Dental health is a critical part of your pet’s overall health, as oral bacteria can attack the heart, liver, and kidneys, causing not only pain from a diseased tooth, but also systemic disease. Do your pet a favor—lift her lip, peek at her teeth, and schedule a dental cleaning if you see brown or yellow tartar accumulation. After giving your pet a fresh start, you can begin a dental-care regimen at home. 

#7: Mentally stimulate your couch-potato pet

Pets who stay home alone all day can easily become bored, and find their own sources of entertainment, which may be your new leather couch, curtains, or trash can. Help keep your pet entertained and out of mischief with mentally stimulating activities. Ditch the food bowl, and feed your pet solely from a puzzle feeder. You can mix your pet’s dry kibble with canned food, freeze it in Kongs, and make her work extra hard for her meal. Also, consider interactive toys, such as robotic mice or pet cameras with treat-tossing capabilities, that your pet can play with while you are gone.

#8: Schedule a wellness visit at TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Paw Creek

Scheduling a wellness visit is the most important thing you can do to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy in 2020. During your pet’s exam, we will discuss nutrition, behavior, exercise, disease prevention, parasite issues, dental care, and proper grooming, and we will perform necessary vaccinations and provide preventive care medications.

Give us a call to schedule your pet’s wellness visit, and help ensure she starts off 2020 on the right paw.