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Laser Surgery

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Laser surgery is an incredible new innovation in veterinary medicine. Laser surgery is much more precise than traditional methods, and typically has tremendous health benefits for the pet; there tends to be less bleeding, less tissue trauma, less swelling, and a shorter healing period after the surgery. Not all pets and types of surgery are candidates, so be sure to ask our team if your pet is.

Laser Therapy

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Cold laser therapy is an exciting new advance in veterinary medicine.  This treatment works at the cellular level, and can greatly aid recovery from injury, surgery, or to reduce inflammation from chronic illnesses, such as arthritis. This is an important new tool in pain management, and offers your pet new healing capabilities.


Cute pug dog sleep rest in the bed wrap with blanket and tongue sticking out in the lazy time

Our pet boarding facility is top notch, and is built specifically for your pet’s comfort and safety. Our staff is highly trained and affectionate, and we can accommodate pets with particular behavioral or medical needs – just ask! So if you need to board your pet for the night (or many!), make sure to give us a call. It helps to have a place you can trust so that your pet has a great time, and you don’t have to worry!

Dental Care

Cat yawns

By the age of three, most cats and dogs will show signs of periodontal disease. It’s important to catch this as early as possible, as periodontal disease erodes the supporting structures in your pet’s mouth (which is painful and can cause tooth loss), and also can spread harmful bacteria to your pet’s vital organs. This is why pets with periodontal disease have higher incidences of kidney and heart disease. But not to worry – our veterinarians will stop it in its tracks!  

Orthopedic Surgery

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When your pet needs orthopedic surgery, you want to know that they  have the best veterinary surgeons working with them. That’s exactly what you’ll get here at TotalBond. We maintain the services of a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Board certification requires multiple years of training and testing after veterinary school. There are very few practicing board certified orthopedic surgeons, as you must prove yourself to be the best of the best. And that’s exactly what we believe your pet deserves.


Xray of dog

Digital radiography is an incredibly powerful tool in veterinary diagnostics. Every single radiograph we perform here at TotalBond is read by a board certified radiologist for interpretation. In order to become board certified in a specialty, a veterinarian must undergo multiple years of training and testing. There are not many board certified radiologists, as you must prove yourself to be the best of the best. That’s exactly what your pet will always have here.

Everything Else!

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We are a truly full service veterinary hospital, and can accommodate virtually any medical need your pet has. So whether it’s a wellness exam, vaccinations, parasite control, spay/neuter, or anything else… give us a call, and discover how great it feels to have TotalBond by your side!